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Natalia Perez del Villar

Flamenco Underground

Flamenco Dance Classes


Flamenco Dance Classes for adults and children. Group and private classes are offered. Technique: Upper Body, Braceo (arms movement), Floreo (hands movement), Zapateado (footwork), Turns. Understanding Compás, Palmas (clapping), singing structure, communication between dancers, musicians, and singers. Castanets, abanico (fan), mantón (shawl), bata de cola (long tail skirt). Choreography.

Live guitar  and singing to practice.



Flamenco Underground combines traditional Flamenco music and dance to create the authentic Flamenco experience. 

Flamenco Underground  shows are done in the Spanish “Tablao” style and contain a mix of  classic Flamenco and inspired improvisation. At every show, Flamenco  Underground create a unique and unforgettable experience for their  audience.

Private Parties


Flamenco Underground is a great choice for your private event. Birthday Parties, Corporate Parties, Weddings, etc. A class for guests and participation in the show can always be included and it is really fun!!!



Flamenco workshops for dancers and musicians.

January 2020: Adriana Maresma

February 2020: Javier Heredia & Rhina

School Programs


Contact us if you want Flamenco Underground at your school!!!

Demonstration, Lecture and Interaction with the students to learn and understand about this beautiful Art Form

About Us


Natalia Perez del Villar

Natalia Pérez del Villar was born in Oviedo, Spain. She started her studies of  dance at the age of nine with classical ballet. At the age of thirteen,  while continuing her studies of classical ballet, she began to study  flamenco dance in Oviedo where she performed with the Cuadro Flamenco de  Iván Bravo.  She then moved to Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz) to continue her flamenco  studies at La Fundación Andaluza del Flamenco.
Natalia  has studied flamenco with Iván Bravo, Matilde Coral, Rafael "el negro",   Adriana Maresma, La China, Azucena Vega  and Pablo Rodarte, among others.

Natalia  was the artistic director of "Embrujo Flamenco" for 5 years, preparing  and directing all her shows. She also worked with Pablo Rodarte in his  company Dance España as a soloist dancer. 

Natalia Perez del Villar is the Founder and Artistic Director of Flamenco Underground.

Mark Herzog, one of the few Flamenco singers in Colorado, he started his studies of Flamenco as a gu

Mark herzog

Mark  Herzog started his  studies of Flamenco as a guitarist, giving him an incredible knowledge  about this difficult art form to be able to become a great singer later.  He was part of the ensemble “Embrujo Flamenco” for 5 years. 
Mark  had worked with some of the most renowned Flamenco artist in U.S. as  Lia Ochoa, Maria Vazquez, Steve Mullens, Kevin Romero, Pablo Rodarte,  Salli Gutierrez, Ricardo Diaz, etc.
Mark Herzog is the lead guitar and vocal of "Flamenco Underground".


Flamenco Underground

 Flamenco  Underground is very focused on exposing people to this beautiful art  form by bringing Flamenco artists from other parts of the USA and from  Spain to do shows and teach workshops.  Flamenco  Underground is available for any kind of show: weddings, restaurants,  corporate parties, private parties, schools demostrations, festivals,  etc.   

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