Flamenco Classes and Workshops


Flamenco Dance Classes

Flamenco Dance Classes for adults and children in the Atlanta Area. 
Group and private classes are offered.
Technique: Upper Body, Braceo (arms movement), Floreo (hands movement), Zapateado (footwork), Turns.
Understanding Compas, Palmas (clapping), singing structure, communication between dancers, musicians, and singers.
Castanets, abanico (fan), manton (shawl), bata de cola (long tail skirt).

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Flamenco Workshops

Flamenco Underground offers workshops for Dancing, Guitar, Palmas and Singing in Colorado and Atlanta.

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Student Recitals and Shows

There will be student recitals for adults and children classes. For some shows students who are ready will be asked to participate in private and public events as needed.

Please note that this is not mandatory, only for students who are willing to participate.

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